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What was the Broncos’ best personnel move
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this offseason/preseason? With great turnover tic , the Denver Broncos had to hit some home runs to rebound from a disappointing 5-11 season last year. It sure looks like they did just that heading into Week 1 of the 2018 regular season.The best personnel move could be any number of additions to the roster, so the Mile High Report staff debated that question in today’s roundtable discussion. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.What was the Broncos’ best personnel move this offseason/preseason?Ian St: The Broncos draft class of 2018. The picks and undrafted free agents not only benefit the team this season, but set it up for the future. That’s a major win.Hart: I believe that upgrading the offense in the past NFL Draft was the best personnel move the team made. It looks like Royce Freeman, Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton are all poised to make an impact as rookies and are well on their way to being the foundation of the team’s offense for years to come.Adam: The best personnel move was drafting Bradley Chubb. I know that saying their first round pick was the best move seems like a cop out, but hear me out. When the Broncos passed on a quarterback with the fifth pick Womens Jake Butt Jersey , they sent a clear message about the direction the team is going. They weren’t going to panic and pass on a guy who can have immediate impact up front. Drafting Chubb also seemed to be the catalyst to what appears to be a solid draft class, which seems to have set the Broncos up for success for the next few years.Scotty: Marquette King. Dude kicks footballs far and flips the field position.Joe R: Best move was finding a quarterback. One of our starters last year is floundering for the Vikings, one is buried on the Miami Dolphins depth chart, and Paxton Lynch may only stay in Denver because he’s John Elway’s boy. Case Keenum doesn’t even have to set the world on fire for this to be a monstrous upgrade.Pete: Quarterback! That was the single biggest move that Elway/VJ made. The reason I include both of them is because they both did something. Elway got us a legit starter and mentor in Keenum, and VJ actually made a wise coaching decision by moving Lynch down the depth chart and promoting Chad Kelly (who Keenum is mentoring from the sounds of it). The QB position has stabilized Womens Justin Simmons Jersey , which means the offense will finally stabilize. Lets hope Keenum stays healthy, but if he doesn’t, we’ll have Kelly, not Lynch coming in to save the day, and I’m quite comfortable with that.Sadaraine: Moving Paxton Lynch down the depth chart hands-down with no question whatsoever. The guy is a bust and putting him in the same place as the other position players where you need to earn your place is the best way to prove it to the FO. Moving on from this mistake is the best thing for the Broncos season in 2018.Taylor: The Broncos’ best personnel move won’t show up on the 53 man roster. Firing O-line coach Jeff Davidson & replacing him with Chris Strausser & Sean Kugler was an A+ move by John Elway & Vance Joseph Authentic Von Miller Jersey , and one that probably won’t receive the credit it deserves. The O-line was abysmal under Davidson, so moving on was a solid decision. But the real gem here is the decision to split the job in half, with two coaches now specialized toward the interior and outside line positions. Combine that with two nice hires and the O-line was set up for the success we’ve witnessed this preseason.Jeff: I’ll stay in the same vein as Taylor. I think Jared Veldheer will be one of the best under the radar signings of the year by the end of the season. He has already stabilized a position that we have consistently had below starting caliber talent occupying since 2016. Veldheer is looking more and more comfortable in his new position since switching over to RT last year and I think will continue to get even better there. It has been incredible to watch the right side of the line not immediately cave to pressure every passing snap, so far this preseason.Laurie: My favorite is a tie between bringing in Marquette King and Jared Veldheer - both players will have a major impact on this team, I think. But I believe the most important one will prove to be keeping Bill Musgrave as offensive coordinator (after he filled in mid-season when Mike McCoy was fired). I’m not sure this qualifies exactly as a “personnel move” this season Authentic Matt Paradis Jersey , but the decision to keep him as OC and the corresponding faith to let him design a creative offense that can take advantage of mismatches and misdirection is already proving valuable as Case Keenum is throwing to a lot of different targets - including tight ends and running backs. Hallelujah.Preseason quarterback stats are meaningless This came from the discussion section of my last article. Do preseason quarterback stats have any predictive value for the regular season? To answer this question I looked at 49 “starting QBs” - defined as players who started five or more games for two of the five seasons evaluated - over the past five seasons. I did a correlation measurement on preseason QB rating to the regular season QB rating. I wanted to look at other stats, but there was no way to pull those stats into Excel for me to do a direct comparison so I didn’t go beyond QB rating. I had to pull every data point “by hand”. So for the all 49 quarterbacks for the 2013 through the 2017 seasons the correlation value of their preseason QB rating to their regular QB rating is 0.07: meaning that there is essentially no correlation. So a starting quarterback may look great in the preseason and then suck in the regular season, or he may look poor in the preseason and the play great in the regular season. For those who are interested here is a table of the correlation value for all of the 49 quarterbacks. It’s interesting that there are some quarterbacks that have very strong negative and some with very strong positive correlations during this time frame. Note the Trevor Siemian had a -1.00 correlation (admittedly from only two seasons). How did this occur? Siemian’s ratings in 2016 were (preseason/regular season) 70.4/84.6. In 2017 these were 84.5/73.3. With only two data points this is an extremely strong inverse correlation. Peyton Manning also had a pretty strong correlation in the three seasons that he played that were included in the study - +0.85. He had a good preseason and regular in 2013 and 2014 then he played poorly in both the preseason and the regular season in 2015. As is always the case (say it with me): Correlation is not causation. That being said, feel free to use this data the next time someone wants to rant and rave about a starting quarterback’s preseason stats. They have about as much predictive power as the magic 8-ball in your closet.

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